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Hi! My name is Nima Dorjee Tamang and you can call me “Nima” and I am associated with a Trekking Agency and community NGO since 2002 in Nepal. Originally, I am from Eastern part of Nepal- Everest region where my ancestral belongs to. Currently I am leading a Trekking Agency named Friendship World Treks, worked as Trekking and Mountaineering Guide in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India where as I am associated with a NGO called Friendship Society Nepal in Kathmandu and Friendship Home Stay in Kathmandu. I have almost traveled Asia, USA, South America and Europe during my work. My hobby is to travel. I have traveled almost 75 % of rural Nepal. I have been accommodating so many friends from Asian countries, American and European universities and assisting their thesis work as well. I have joined Airbnb to fund raise for my Association so that each earnings goes to the quality education of children from marginalized communities. I hope you guys will be a part of this good cause as well. I make time to talk to my guests and offer help / advice when needed.

Our guests can expect a clean, safe and homely environment while in Nepal. We provide home cooked meals and all the comforts of home .

The Space

Regarding to the rooms we have two rooms where 1 room has 3 single beds, another room has one double bed and 1 single bed. My rooms have enough space for six people to accommodate and enjoy their stay. There is sufficient furniture’s and other daily needs such as water, glass etc inside the room. Neat and clean bed sheets and blankets are always in your calenders.The room size is enough for free movement as well. 10 Mbps Internet Speed on Volume based is also available in the room. If you need any helps please let us know at any time.

Guest Access

You are free to enjoy whole place on your own, from kitchen to common rooms and other rooms as well. We are using solar energy for hot water, during winter we have to wait until the sun comes to get water heated.

You can even cook your own food and share to us. Please ask me before you want to do so as extra cost per day is added to cover the cost of Gas (USD 2 per Day).

Interaction with Guests

Yes of course, I and My family members will be available almost the time you need me during your stay with all your needs to resolve. I can attain you to show the locations and travel route as per your needs along with any bookings for trekking. I can also help you to volunteer in my community organization during your stay. I will also provide you a Nepali GSM sim card to which you can top up yourself for temporary use. Nepali authentic foods can also be tasted/served during weekends in my house. Tea or Coffee will be served for free whenever you want. Please confirm your arrival and departure time on my email.

The Neighborhood

I am in a calm neighborhood. People are friendly here and will say Hi or Namaste (Nepali way of Greeting) whenever they encounter you in the street.

Getting Around

Right three blocks away, you will find sufficient local public transportation to the major destinations in the city. You can take a taxi from the International Airport and ask for a place FAIKA (SOLU DANDA) When you reach FAIKA you will see a Supermarket named SHAMBHALA SUPER MARKET  in front of you and TRI-JYOTI HIGH SCHOOL, after it go straight the same way  just 50 Second you will see bill board WAY TO SOLU-DANDA- and you turn right and go through steep way and in a second you will be in FRIENDSHIP HOME STAY my house is just Two blocks away in the right. You can get sufficient city and micro buses to Thamel ( a touristic area for hangouts). Likewise, a minute walk- plenty of taxis in the taxi stand is waiting on the side of SHAMBHALA SUPER MARKET OR ON THE WAY SITES.Easily accessible any time with taxi in my house. Pharmacy is 100 mtrs away- Taxi Stand is 100 mtrs away-

Other Things to Note

Since we belong from a culturally rich place called SOLUKHUMBHU. We have our own style of cooking food, languages and attires. So, there will be additional chance to learn a culture from a Solukhumbu whilst you stay in my house with my family. And we follow a Buddhist religion.

I wish you will simply love the stay in my house. Have a nice Journey!!

No house rules are different than your own house but still some of the things that you need to consider:

  1. As the private room is on the top floor with a huge terrace, if you smoke outside the room on the top floor will be highly appreciable. I have little daughter so I don’t want her to become passive smoker.
  2. Please do inform us in advance if you would like to have dinner/meals at home as it takes time for preparation.
  3. As Nepal has loads of power cuts and we run on backup inverter batteries, charging or using heavy duty electrical appliances cannot be supported by the inverter so, please bear in mind that charging mobiles and laptops are only way to keep happy. During day time when there is no electricity, the Inverter are always shut down. Please ask if you need some work to be finished by day time. When there is no electricity a torch in your list would be worthwhile.
  4. If you have any laundry to be done, please inform anyone in my house so that we can plug the washing machine and open the tap for your easiness. We charge 3 USD 0r 300 Rs ( Max 6 Kgs) to cover detergent and electricity cost for the laundry, which is nothing in terms of what we pay for the electricity.
  5. If you are coming home late, it would be appreciated if you inform earlier so that necessary arrangements in locking the gates can be managed.
  6. Outside Shoes and Sandals are not allowed inside the room and staircase. We have to take off our shoes before entering in to the house. There are shoes racks to store the shoes.
  7. Since I am not taking any cleaning fees, Cleaning rooms and bathrooms for next use depends upon your own attitude.
  8. There is warm sandles inside the room, please dont take those sandles inside the bathroom. Bathroom has its own slippers. Taking sandles to bathroom and agaon to your room is considered bad manner here in Nepal.

    9.Please wipe the bathroom floor with water once you finish your shower. If the water outlet is chocked with          your hairs and soap, please take it out before you leave the bathroom.

  1. Water is so precious here, so please keep in mind that using hot water in shower or taps needs lot of wastage of water. Hence take shower during evening so that the water is hot because we use solar energy to heat the water.
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Friendship Home Stay
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 16 reviews
 by Alex Ricky
With all the love in the world I wish you all the very best

With all the love in the world I wish you all the very best- Alex Ricky de la Barcena- CA, USA.

 by Denise White
Had a lovely time with Nima and his family

Had a lovely time with Nima and his family. Food was terrific! – Denise White USA

 by Carol
A wonderful time, wonderful food and company!

A wonderful time, wonderful food and company! Thank you- Carol USA

 by Matthew Leger and Kenneth Leger
Charming Family, great food, beautiful family,

Charming Family, great food, beautiful family, Thank you for sharing us how Nepalese People live and eat! Great Experience!! – Matthew Leger and Kenneth Leger, USA

 by Julia Mitchell
I am very happy to be in Nepal and eat in your house.

I am very happy to be in Nepal and eat in your house. Thank you so much.-Julia Mitchell UK

 by Sabina Pugh
Thank you for a wonderful evening of Nepalese hospitality.-

Thank you for a wonderful evening of Nepalese hospitality.- Sabina Pugh, UK

 by Joanne Latraverse
Thank you for the wonderful hospitality,

Thank you for the wonderful hospitality, the fabulous meal and the great experience! Namaste- Joanne Latraverse – USA

 by Amy Stewart
Thank you so much for the good food and great company

Thank you so much for the good food and great company!- Amy Stewart ,USA

 by Anne
It was such fun visiting during the festival of lights, Thank you for hosting us

It was such fun visiting during the festival of lights, Thank you for hosting us.- Anne, Switzerland

 by Dr. Pagliassoti
Thank you for your wonderful food and gracious hospitality!

Thank you for your wonderful food and gracious hospitality! It was lovely to meet your family- Dr. Pagliassoti

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