Home stay Rules

No house rules are different than your own house but still some of the things that you need to consider:

  1. As the rooms is on the Second floor and Top Floor with a terrace, if you smoke outside the room on the top floor will be highly appreciable. We family’s members no one smoke at home.
  1. Please do inform us in advance if you would like to have dinner/meals at home as it takes time for preparation. Dinner and Lunch Cost extra which is Nrs 400 Per Meal Per Person.
  1. As Nepal has loads of power cuts and we run on backup inverter batteries, charging or using heavy duty electrical appliances cannot be supported by the inverter so, please bear in mind that charging mobiles and laptops are only way to keep happy. During day time when there is no electricity, the Inverter is always shut down. Please ask if you need some work to be finished by day time. When there is no electricity a torch in your list would be worthwhile.
  1. If you have any laundry to be done, please inform anyone in my house so that we can help you to bring water for you to wash your clothes by hand. As we don’t use the washing machine at our home. If you want to have laundry services we will help you to take it near our home where the laundry services are available.
  1. If you are coming home late, it would be appreciated if you inform earlier so that necessary arrangements in locking the gates can be managed.
  1. Outside Shoes and Sandals are not allowed inside the room and staircase. We have to take off our shoes before entering in to the house. There are shoes racks to store the shoes.
  1. Since I am not taking any cleaning fees, please bear in mind that cleaning your room and cleaning bathroom is up to you. Vacuum cleaner and brushes are available-pls ask.
  1. The Dinner and Lunch Cost extra which is Nrs 400 Per Meal Per Person.
  1. There is warm sandles inside the room, please don’t take those sandles inside the bathroom. Bathroom has its own slippers. Taking sandles to bathroom and agaon to your room is considered bad manner here in Nepal.
  2. .Please wipe the bathroom floor with water once you finish your shower. If the water outlet is chocked with your hairs and soap, please take it out and put on the Rubbish Box on the beside of Bathroom and before you leave the bathroom.
  1. Water is so precious here, so please keep in mind that using hot water in shower or taps needs lot of wastage of water. Hence take shower during evening so that the water is hot because we use solar energy to heat the water

Thank you

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